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Taking the fuss out of geyser claims with the My Body Corporate App

Woman viewing the MBC App
My Body Corporate App

Complex living is prevalent with more people looking for a secure lifestyle living. Along with this lifestyle comes high expectations for around the clock communications and support with the relevant Body Corporate appointed to that complex or estate. Digital Path has created an app that is specific for Body Corporates providing insurance and services to estates and complexes. Now you can provide critical information, streamline communications and process claims easily with the My Body Corporate App.

The My Body Corporate App helps residents in residential estates and complexes easily handle burst geysers. Digital Path Director Gideon van Zyl explains: “Within residential estates and complexes today, the tenant or owner does not always know offhand who their supplier is and what to do in a geyser emergency. The My Body Corporate App enables users to connect directly with their insurer to submit a claim and have a supplier come through to sort out the burst geyser quickly and efficiently.”

Geyser claims are frequent and not always resolved fast enough to ensure clients’ satisfaction while at the same time keeping the costs under control. The primary focus of the My Body Corporate App is to compliment Global Choices’ assistance services with award-winning claims technology to ensure a seamless consumer experience whilst ensuring constant claims cost management.

Digital Path’s latest addition to solving geyser claims, the My Body Corporate App, gives users direct access to 24-hour geyser claim assistance at the touch of a button. The app seamlessly tracks communication between the user and the relevant Body Corporate. Time is of the essence in a geyser emergency, and the My Body Corporate App is custom-built to suit these assistance services and helps users quickly and effectively process a claim. The client can connect directly with Global Choices, and are immediately verified via the App. The app also serves as a communication platform for Body Corporates in place of the usual WhatsApp groups and can be used for informative info and notices regarding the relevant Complex/Estate.

The My Body Corporate App:

• Give tenants 24/7 access to Body Corporate insurance

• Provide easy assistance in their time of need with geyser issues

• Minimize manual processes and know where they are

• Communicate effectively with tenants

Digital Path is constantly developing new apps and digital platforms to make insurance claims easier and more efficient. To improve client satisfaction today, reach out to Digital Path for a comprehensive digital insurance solution:



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