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How Digital Path is powering Global Choices to provide 24/7 service

Global Choices Assist Services Apps
How Digital Path is powering Global Choices

There is a growing need for effective, and efficient emergency response for all South Africans. Clients are demanding faster claims processing and turnaround times whether after being the victim of a crime or facing a household emergency. Insurance companies have taken note of the need for 24/7 response and are turning to mobile apps.

The Client

Global Choices approached Digital Path to help them provide clients with around the clock emergency response and a streamlined claims process. As experts in digital solutions development, the Digital Path team developed two industry-leading apps for Global Choices: The Self-Service Claims Portal and the Assist App. Digital Path Director Gideon van Zyl states: “By building two easy-to-use mobile apps for Global Choices, we have enabled them to offer a seamless and hassle-free claims journey, as well as providing 24/7 emergency response to insurance customers. Doing so has made operations significantly more efficient and given customers peace of mind in emergencies.”

The Challenges

There were two main challenges that Global Choices wanted to overcome. In emergencies, it is often difficult and time-consuming to get accurate location details from clients. Additionally, locations can be relayed to emergency response teams incorrectly.

The claims process after an incident can cause additional stress for a client, and Global Choices needed a solution to streamline emergency response and claims processes for their clients.

The Solutions

The Assist App and Self-Service Claims Portal were developed to overcome the challenges.

The Assist App provides fast and efficient responses for any type of emergency. With the built-in Panic Button, clients share their live location directly with emergency response personnel at the press of a button. This has improved emergency response times for clients as there are fewer errors when taking down and relaying the location of an emergency.

In addition, for non-crime related emergencies, the Assist App gives clients direct contact with a 24-hour dedicated case manager who sends trusted and authorised service providers sent to their house, car, or business emergency within minutes of an emergency being logged. The Assist App live chat feature is available at any time, and case managers have instant access to key information such as personal data, client location, and asset information.

Self-Service Claims Portal allows clients to complete their claims from anywhere at any time. Clients can complete online claims forms that are prepopulated with their personal details. The claim is routed to the relevant claims managers and or service providers who can quickly start the claim. Less time is wasted waiting for documents or having a claims agent sent out to evaluate the incident. Claims are not lost or dropped, and human error has been virtually eliminated.

The Assist App and Self-Service Claims Portal have enabled Global Choice to provide their clients with effective emergency response 24/7/365. The claims process is streamlined and efficient, saving Global Choices and their clients time and money. We can help your insurance brokerage overcome the same pain points and more.



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