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Reach global markets with digital platforms

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Reach Global Markets

As the world grows smaller and the competition for consumers heats up, it is vital that companies can attract customers from around the world. App and website globalization, along with strong design and user experience are crucial to ensuring the continued success of a company. Digital platforms meet all the needs of different customers from around the world to provide them with the best possible service in the most convenient and appealing manner. This boils down to three key elements: user experience (UX), digital platform design, and customer experience (CX).

In our global world customer experience is key to enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. With so many services and product providers to choose from, customers are comfortable moving to companies that provide better service and convenience in their lives. Digital Path Director Gideon van Zyl points out: “Businesses are no longer competing with only local companies for customers, they now have to worry about international competitors. Apps and websites can be globalised to showcase to consumers all around the world. The companies with the most appealing user experience journey, digital platform design, and customer experience strategy will be the ones that attract and retain the most customers.”

Customer Experience

CX is vital to improving customer loyalty and client retention as the demand for excellent CX is universal. Digital platforms enable businesses to provide 24/7 service on several different channels and across different time zones. Consumers want to be able to swap between communication methods without missing a beat, and without service being impacted. Giving clients premium service at any time through their preferred communication channel or digital platform makes them more likely to remain your client.

User Experience

UX remains key as consumers are looking for convenient ways to interact with your business, no matter where in the world they are. Consumers are spoilt for choice and are now able to choose from an international pool of businesses to work with. Carefully mapped out user journeys are critical and if not easy to navigate, they can easily deter potential customers from your company.

Digital Platform Design

With your competitors’ digital platforms only a click away, it is vital that your visual representation is impeccable. There are hundreds of thousands of websites, apps and other digital platforms for consumers to use, with more being created every day. It is easy for your digital platform to get lost in the proverbial haystack. Unique, fresh and engaging visual design elements ensure your company leaves a positive and lasting impression on consumers as they research product or service suppliers. There is also a clear link between visual design and perceived credibility. Research has shown users will not choose companies whose digital platforms have poor visual designs as they do not seem credible.

Digital platforms can help your business reach new target markets around the world. Digital Path are experts in all aspects of designing world-class digital platforms. Partner with Digital Path to reach new global markets today:



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