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Solving 24-Hour Insurance Case Management protocols.

HaloNxt is a cloud-based digital platform built to support triage departments in the supervision and management of their caseloads. This ICMS Platform simplifies and assists in coordinated case planning and case management. Halo will assist Businesses in achieving a successful Case Management department by offering the best tool for components such as: Intake, Needs Assessment, Service Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation. Human service organisations of all sizes require the correct implementation to ensure ultimate client success. Using the system we can implement transparent processes such as Realtime Profitability, Utilisation, Liabilities and a measured Service Level Agreement. One way that we do this, is by allowing the client to access the system timeously at their discretion to view relevant information pertaining to their client cases. It allows you to automate tasks, save time and instantly transfer information about intercompany transactions.

HaloNxt Interface
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