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J  urney with us to build a
better Digit  l W

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Inventive and curious, we strive to find the relevance and authenticity of your brand to create the ultimate customer experience.

ur story

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It is great what can be achieved when team entirely comprised of vast skill sets on a journey to create the ultimate solution both online and off. A keen group of professional designers and developers who are solely dedicated to designing incredible customer journeys and thrive off of the ultimate customer experience. Our unique and artistic flair comes through time and time again.

Today’s online marketing and advertising space comprises of the capability to resonate with your users and truly embrace the human connection. There is a sense of authenticity in the air and we can help you in offering value to your users by building meaningful digital solutions that changes lives. The current business environment has a growing need for a 360° client centric business model and this is driven by rapid technological advancements and digitising your services. Partner with us on your digital journey as your business grows within the era of digital transformation.

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We are skilled digital solutions providers who assist industries with developing specialised digital solutions for their organisations. This includes all aspects of the digital journey - web and app development, website design, UX/UI design, graphic design, and integrated online systems. This is crucial to your business gaining momentum in the online space as more and more consumers engage with brands through website and apps.

Businesses across the Globe are embracing web and app development, as technology is useful to any industry. Your organization may operate in hospitality, retail, insurance, or real estate, no matter the sector, software development technology is enabling businesses to be more efficient and bridging the gap with customers. Change is inevitable, and we are constantly evolving to keep up with the newest digital developments.

Everything we do begins with a purpose and a plan to ensure we provide high quality, turnkey solutions that exceed your expectations. Our team is highly proficient in a range of programming and coding languages. As specialised app and API integrators our experienced team are highly skilled experts in everything digital. Take your business forward by going on a journey with us, of integrity, accuracy and quality to create the ultimate digital solution for your organisation.

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Design Thinking

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Functional Excellence

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Trusted CX

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why choose us


20+ Years of Experience


Professional & Authentic Approach

Over 1,000 Satisfied Clients

Utilising Latest Software Tools

Constantly Evolving

ur work

Building a better user experience to be a cut above the rest. We value user-journeys that are carefully mapped out to be informative, easy to navigate and visually appealing. Take your business forward by going on a journey with us, of integrity, accuracy and quality to create the ultimate UX.


Digitally transforming business operations and processes is key to future proofing your company, as well as keeping up with consumers demands for 24/7 service, and streamlined processes. The use of websites, apps, and different software empowers companies to provide high quality customer service and improves the user’s experience overall. 

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Track what matters most.

We have developed a powerful technology solution to manage life’s little curve balls. This handy and innovative App will ensure that your family always has a trusted provider for all emergency events, and the ideal solution to keeping them safe and connected. This platform ensures seamless connection between you in emergency situations and highly trained Case Managers, via a Live Chat function feature and the 24-Hour Total Care function.

Quickest, most convenient way to mitigate loss.

The Self-Service Claims Portal is a powerful online portal equipped to deliver a superior claims service and help clients successfully mitigate losses, allowing your clients to complete fastrack claims online anywhere and anytime, providing a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Our online portal is the quickest, most convenient method for your clients to submit a new loss. It also provides a more streamlined claims process within your business, by ensuring that each claim is managed by the appropriate department. Our SSP will help you refine your claims process and improve your business, contributing to a better overall customer experience.

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h  lo nxt

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Solving 24-Hour Insurance Case Management protocols.

HaloNxt is a cloud-based digital platform built to support probation departments in the supervision and management of their caseloads. This system simplifies and assists in coordinated case planning and case management. Halo will assist Businesses in achieving a successful Case Management department by offering the best tool for components such as: Intake, Needs Assessment, Service Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation. Human service organisations of all sizes require the correct implementation to ensure ultimate client success. Using the system we can implement transparent processes such as Realtime Profitability, Utilisation, Liabilities and a measured Service Level Agreement. One way that we do this, is by allowing the client to access the system timeously at their discretion to view relevant information pertaining to their client cases. It allows you to automate tasks, save time and instantly transfer information about intercompany transactions.

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 ssist   pp

self-service rt  l

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l test   rticles

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